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Posted by on Sep 29, 2011 in Hospitality and Event Management | 0 comments

Activists and sheriffs in Western Massachusetts have stand-off at event

Activists and sheriffs in Western Massachusetts have stand-off at event

Political and social tensions have led many to protests in public and private arenas, while emotions at these events are often high. To ensure the safety of attendees, participants and the general public, organizers will often hire security personnel and equip them with devices such as the Motorola PR400, Radius CP200 and other Motorola handheld radios.

As personnel will often need both of their hands to quell public disturbances and protect the people in attendance, Motorola temple transducer headsets and two-way radio earpieces can provide reliable communication and free hands.

WWLP-22News, a Springfield, Massachusetts-based news provider, recently reported that uninvited immigrant activists attended a press conference held by local sheriffs. The conference, the source affirms, was held to call on Governor Deval Patrick to create more stringent immigration laws, and become harsher toward illegal immigrants.

"One primary tool they have is racial profiling," Jabriel Camacho of Project Voice told the news provider. "They stop people who look Latino, who speak with foreign accents and ask for their papers."

The event ended peacefully, though tensions between the sheriffs and the immigrant activists are expected to perpetuate, as the issue has not yet been resolved.  

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