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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Hospitality and Event Management | 0 comments

Atlantic City looks to diversify entertainment beyond casinos

Atlantic City looks to diversify entertainment beyond casinos

Atlantic City, in New Jersey, is currently undergoing a $100 million makeover in an effort to revitalize and spruce up the Boardwalk by focusing on entertainment attractions beyond gambling, according to The New York Times.

The Atlantic City Alliance and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority are partnering up on DO AC, touted as the biggest marketing campaign focused solely on tourism in the city’s history. The main target of the collaboration is to publicize and promote all the various reasons to visit Atlantic City beyond going to a casino.

“Everybody recognizes that the real future of Atlantic City rests in making the pie bigger, not just in cutting up the pie,” Kevin DeSanctis, the chairman and chief executive of the Revel Hotel and Casino Resort, told the news source. “The only way to do that is to figure out a way to add more amenities and more nongaming amenities so this really evolves into a much broader regional destination.”

Some of the planned upgrades and diversification projects include revamping the Steel Pier amusement park, improving the Atlantic City Historical Museum and the Atlantic City Arts Center, public art installations and general cleanup of the beach and boardwalk.

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