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Clear Communication on the football field

Clear Communication on the football field

This years football season is just beginning but it looks to be even bigger, better and louder than last year. The defending Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks, have also claimed the title of the loudest stadium in the world. The Seahawks fan’s are known as “the 12th man” and helped get the noise level at CenturyLink field up to 137.6 decibels. That is nearly the same amount of noise you would here when standing 100 feet from a jet engine.

To combat the growing noise level from fans the NFL introduced coach-to-quarterback communication nearly thirty years ago and coach-to-defense about eight years ago. This is one-way communication where the Q.B or designated defensive players can hear their coach in critical situations. With the evolution of players, offensive/defensive schemes and rules of the game clear communication with players on the field can be the difference between a touchdown and turnover on downs.

Motorola offers a variety of products to help you get clear communication with players. Motorola digital two-way radios and headsets create more efficient communications on the field. With impressive range and reliable calling capacity our products can help your team at any level of the game. The Motorola BPR40 two way radio and the rln5238 headset are great communication systems to use when communicating with players. The BPR40 is small and lightweight and will stay unobtrusively on the coaches belt.

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