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Posted by on Aug 26, 2011 in Hospitality and Event Management | 0 comments

Kansas State fair officials pay close attention to emergency response practices

Kansas State fair officials pay close attention to emergency response practices

Across the country, many state fairs are currently in progress or due to begin before the end of summer, and with the precipitous amount of severe weather to hit the nation in the past few months, fair officials are continuously working to strengthen emergency plans.

According to the Wichita Eagle, Kansas State Fair organizers and personnel, as well as emergency management companies, have met to discuss security plans and emergency response procedures to avoid a tragedy similar to the stage collapse in Indiana earlier this month.

"It is very interesting to me that you the meteorologist telling them to call it off, you had a severe thunderstorm warning 10 minutes before the collapse, yet there was no clear evacuation order," Mike Smith, Wichita-based WeatherData, told the new source.

Fair manage Denny Stoecklein believes that the event will be properly protected in the event of a potential disaster. "We feel very confident in our contractor that we have and the work that they do," he said to the source.

The Kansas State Fair is known for drawing attendances upward of 300,000 people, and with such large crowds, officials and personnel must use dependable communications technology. Devices, such as the Motorola EX500 and the Motorola CP200, when coupled with reliable two-way radio batteries, can increase the efficacy of emergency response processes. 

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