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Motorola’s newest mobile radio, the MOTOTRBO series, comes in both a full display mobile with GPS and text messaging services and a non-display mode.

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  1. XPR2500

    XPR 2500 is the perfect fit for your analog system, as well. With easy scalability and analog interoperability, you can move to digital at your own pace and budget. The XPR 2500 can help you achieve even greater productivity, safety and cost-efficiency.
  2. XPR 4350

    These Motorola mobile radios integrate voice and data applications.

  3. XPR4380

    Get increased capacity with exceptional voice quality with the XPR4380.

  4. XPR 4550

    The XPR4550 offers a range of features from voice and data applications to functioning in both analog and digital modes.

  5. XPR4580

    Simple and compact with clear communication the XPR 4580 is a must have for your communication needs

  6. XPR5350

    The XPR5350 a powerful mobile two-way radio that offers a wide range of functions customized for all of your needs.

  7. XPR5550

    Features like the XPR5550's front-facing speaker, improved display resolution and integrated GPS are just a few qualities that will help you work smarter and safer.

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